Best 11 CRM Software for Small Business in 2024

CRM means Customer Relationship Management and it includes all the strategies, techniques , tools, and modern technologies used by business enterprises in evolving retaining acquiring customers. A proposed software tool known as CRM is designed to streamline and analyze transactions between business customers along the course of their entire customer lifecycle cycle. The primary motive of CRM is to aid and refine customer relationship management .

An effective CRM software will be in a position to provide you with a comprehensible picture of your customers. The CRM software ensure that there are no loopholes in the interaction with customers at every stage to promote continuous smooth functioning and profit maximisation. Since the software receives customer data from various channels it has all details on overall purchase history, personal information and even purchasing patterns.        

Best CRM software has been  emerged for the smooth functioning of the customer relationship management in small enterprises. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an important part of the collection that supports small businesses, because it provides one interface to manage information about customers. These systems simplify communication, enabling companies to connect with customers better through personalized interactions and tailored campaigns.

Small enterprises can organize and prioritize potential deals through CRM tools which help them manage leads and opportunities. Furthermore, the ability to analyze sales data and project trends facilitates better decision-making and planning. Efficiency is enhanced with the addition of task and calendar management features, as well as customer segmentation that provides more sophisticated marketing solutions. CRM systems improve the service of customers through convenient access to needed information, which leads not only for quicker resolution on account issues but also increased satisfaction. With integrated feedback mechanisms and analytics elements, businesses are now able to explore interactions as well make informed decisions based on gauged data.

Scalability ensures that as businesses with few workers grow, their CRM systems can be adjusted to accommodate an increased number of customers. Despite an initial investment, long term gains such as increased customer satisfaction and sales usually lead to overall saving for small businesses.

Let’s explore top best CRM software options tailored for small business and delve into the essential features they offer.


1. Zonar

best CRM software

The best CRM software for small business is ZONAR. ZONAR is distinguished as the leading CRM software, offering businesses unparalleled capabilities in customer relationship management through seamless integration of cutting-edge features, fostering streamlined operations and heightened customer satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and dedication to innovation, ZONAR emerges as the preferred choice for organizations seeking to enhance their CRM capabilities and maintain a competitive edge in the business landscape.

One of the major factor that stands out ZONAR from other softwares as the best CRM software is  its convenience to use as it is an all in one software that gives all important and apt  data showing the interaction between customers and executives also with a future monitoring and controlling .

Key  Features

The major features that makes ZONAR as the second to none software can be detailed as below;

1. Zonar provides the user a new way to create quotations from CRM software. 

Quotations typically refers to documents or records that provide details about a proposed sale or transaction. In CRM software, the quotations feature allows businesses to create, manage, and track these proposal documents efficiently. It helps sales teams streamline the process of generating quotes, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and timely delivery to customers. This functionality contributes to effective communication, negotiation, and closing of deals, thereby enhancing the overall sales process within the  leading CRM  software system.

2. Creation of sales invoice 

Once it is converted to a customer you can create a sales invoice . It can be sent to a customer with a list of products and services they have bought and their prices, any sales tax, the total amount , and the due date for final payment etc,. cost records are used prepare the final account and sales invoice for the client . Sales invoice serves as a crucial tool for documenting and formalizing transactions between a business and its customers. This functionality not only helps in maintaining accurate records in the finest CRM software but also contributes to effective customer communication, as businesses can promptly provide detailed and professional invoices, fostering trust and clarity in their dealings with clients.

3. Formation of sales pipeline based on your industry standard

 Through this best and pre-eminent CRM software one can create a sales pipeline based on industry standard . It gives a regular way for sales teams on how they can manage and monitor their contacts with prospects. A pipeline usually comprises steps that correlate with various sales cycle phases; these include lead gen; how qualifications take place, proposal, negotiations and concluding.Moreover, sales pipelines give an insight into the general well being of the whole sales process segments so that organizations can plan their revenues for the future and make data-driven decisions. 

4. Availability of efficient after sales services 

Once the lead has been converted to a customer you can do after sales call which means you can ask them the the feedback of the product purchased and rate it as well.

5. Efficient lead capture and management

Efficient lead capture and management is another speciality of ZONAR. Seamlessly gather leads from various sources and organize them in one central hub. The best crm software ZONAR’s  empowers you to master the art of lead generation, capturing, and nurturing, ensuring that you never miss a potential opportunity.

6. Bulk lead assignment

The bulk lead assignment involves conveying a massive number of leads or potential clients to particular individuals or groups within an institution in one swift movement. This is generally done on CRM systems or in sales automation tools. Unlike the manual approach of assigning leads one at a time, bulk lead assignment enables mass distribution of leads in quantities. It eases the workflow proceedings, speeds things up, and makes sure that leads are assigned to sales representatives or teams in a more structured fashion. It is particularly beneficial in situations where there are lots of leads to manage and allocate to different sales personnel for follow-up and conversion.

7. Product mapping

Product mapping of ZONAR  relates to the matching and linking of particular products or services to appropriate customer records in the customer relationship management system. It refers to establishing a systematic link between products provided by an organization and corresponding client data, providing the opportunity for tracking customer liaisons with various offers. This mapping makes it easier for businesses to track product preferences, purchase history and customer behavior so that they are able to plan their sales and marketing strategies accordingly. Product mapping by CRM can help organizations understand customer preferences much better, gain control over product recommendations and improve the overall user engagement in order to ensure more successful selling and marketing efforts.

Why zonar is identified as the best CRM software in current technological competitive scenario? 

ZONAR the ultimate and the finest CRM software emerges as the superior CRM software, distinguished by its outstanding and unique features that differentiate it in the competitive market. Through seamless integration of advanced technology, ZONAR provides businesses with a comprehensive solution for managing customer relationships. Its user-friendly interface, strong analytical capabilities, and unwavering commitment to innovation position ZONAR as the favored option, enabling organizations to enhance their CRM experience, optimize operations, and stay at the forefront of a dynamic business landscape. With ZONAR, businesses can confidently navigate the intricacies of customer interactions, ensuring a personalized and efficient approach that ultimately leads to sustained success and heightened customer satisfaction. Thus ZONAR is entitled to be the best CRM software that provides unique features in customer relationship and management.

2. Freshsales

Freshsales is the second leading CRM software of 2024.Freshsales enables a context-driven sales process that will immediately help you sell more and grow your revenue faster. It is a lead-to-order management solution that streamlines your sales processes from the generation of leads to deal and post purchase customer engagement.

For small businesses, such as Freshsales, there is a wide variety of features including visual sales pipeline automatic workflows and sales sequences built-in mail phone, etc.

Key Features

1. Automated workflows: Automatically assign leads to your team, send emails, add action items, update customer information, set reminders and more. Behavior-based sales sequences allow you to scale outreach more quickly and effectively.

2. AI-powered contact scoring: Identify high-intent leads and follow up promptly. Learn how to analyze customer behavior and use Freddy AI for scoring leads, prioritizing, or personalizing your customers’ engagement.

3. Predictive deal insights: Use AI-driven deal insights to find the most effective deals that can be closed. Discover your sales funnel and fine-tune the market approach.

Why customers rave about Freshsales ?

In a recent review submitted to G2, one small-business owner explained how the custom-made automation supported the sales and marketing needs for his team: “WOW, they solve a lot. They provide a comprehensive marketing and sale engagement solution to small business owners who require full. Some of the advantages are cold emailing, sending emails with my own verified email account to reduce bounces unsubscribes and more emails in recipients’ inboxes.


ZOHO CRM is considered as the third of best crm software now. Customised CRM software aimed at supporting small businesses, start-ups and teams. Bigin helps small businesses unify all customer-facing operations: Marketing, sales, onboarding processes; delivery process, support services and sustaining customer relationships.


  1. Industry templates: Industry-specific templates for software consulting, real estate, education and other fields can customize your CRM.
  1. Pipeline management: All Team Pipelines and task management are built in Bigin. Bigin has integrated team- based pipelines and built in decision management.
  1. Automation: Shape intelligent workflows in three clicks, set up automatic email notifications and allow Salesforce to distribute new contacts among your team.

Pros and Cons of ZOHO CRM

✔ Easy and straight foreward UI

✔ Mainly provided for new business entrepreneurs and microbusinesses

✖ lack of multi-year contracts 

✖ Absence of AI features

✖In order to unlock the advanced features of the software we have to amalgamate with multiple tools of ZOHO itself


Zendesk sell is known for its modern type of technology in sales CRM that supports you to accelerate the revenue. It features productivity tools, advanced analytics, and a full customer view from sales to service.


  • Sales engagement: Built-in sales engagement tools let you build lead lists and automate outreach. 
  • Full customer view: Manage leads, contacts, and account information in one platform. 
  • Pipeline visibility: Analyze lead and deal progression. Predict deal volume and forecast revenue growth.

Advantages and disadvantages of Zendesk sell 

✔ fast  and easy setup

✔ The top most apps available as integrations

✔ High customization

✖ Lack of free plan

✖  features are limited in the base plan

✖There is  no native AI assistant, live chatbot


Pipedrive is basically a CRM focused on sales . It has a uniqueness of simple design that prioritizes usability above all else.  


  • Lead and deal management: Get an overview of each lead and deal, including pipeline progress, ownership, communications, and activity history.
  • Contact management: Build an unlimited database of contacts and access a clear view of their history, linked deals, activities, and communications.
  • AI sales assistant: Receive suggestions based on the salesperson’s past performance and discover where they can improve and what to focus on next.

Pros and cons of Pipedrive

✔ Customizable to your needs

✔ Easy to use

✔ Supports most popular third-party integrations

✖ No free plan

✖ No phone support except on the highest plan

✖ Not an all-in-one solution, not scalable with other functions


A convenient CRM that supported small businesses manage more sales leads and grow customer relationships. Copper integrates with Google Workspace, so it maps all emails and other interactions to the right contact. The major highlight of this CRM software is that it is an easy -to – use CRM majorly focused on small business. Again it comes as the 6th position among the best CRM softwares in 2024.


Google Workspace integration: Copper’s CRM integration with Google works seamlessly with Gmail, Calendar, and Drive. You can add leads, track email conversations, find files, and manage tasks from the same tab.

Email sequences: Enroll your prospects in automated nurture sequences and follow-up communications. You can send emails automatically based on their account status, website engagement, and more. 

Workflow automation: Copper automatically assigns time-based tasks when leads are entered or updated. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Copper CRM

✔ Clean UI and easy to use

✔ Quick setup

✔ APIs and integrations for third-party apps

✖ G Suite-focused CRM

✖ No phone support except on the highest plan

✖ Not an all-in-one solution, not scalable with other functions


Monday CRM is a highly customizable CRM software which can be modified to your business wants and multiple roles. It has centralised communication ,performance tracking, automation etc,.


Centralized communication: Track communication with your customers from one place. Log any lead or contact-related activity like calls, meetings, notes, and more.

Performance tracking:Keep track of your pipelines, targets, and team performance with dashboards, sales forecasting, and activity tracking.

Automation:Automate notifications, lead assignments, and more. Use existing ones or create your own automation to do the manual work for you.

Pros and cons of Monday CRM

✔ Clean UI and easy to use

✔ Quick setup

✔ APIs and integrations for third-party apps

✖ No free plan

✖ Not a specialized CRM

✖ Too many customization options can be overwhelming


It is a powerful sales software to help teams close more deals, deepen and strengthen  customer relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively on an one connected platform.


  • Sales automation: Set up a series of automated, personalized emails and follow-up tasks to make sure you stay top of mind throughout the sales process.
  • Live chat: Connect with your website visitors in real-time to convert new leads, close more deals, and provide better support to your customers.
  • Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ): Generate quotes in seconds. Send quotes when your product is top of mind to close deals faster. Integrates with e-signature for faster turnarounds. 

Pros and cons of HubSpot Sales Hub

✔ Has a free version

✔ Customizable and intuitive UI

✔ Access to extensive training resources

✖ Lacks the power of AI in managing deals

✖ No native chatbot

✖ Features like forecasting, playbooks are only available on higher plans



INSIGHTLY is a well- known modern, and most importantly an affordable CRM.  It’s easy to use, simple to customize, and scales with companies as they grow. Insightly helps teams build and convert sales pipelines, increase productivity, and build lasting customer relationships. 


Sales pipeline and lead management: Capture relevant details about each lead, prioritize leads with your teams, and distribute based on the criteria you set. Teams get a real-time view into where each deal stands

Lead tracking and opportunity management: Get insights into what’s moving your business forward and where the risks are. Manage opportunities in customizable pipelines.

Process automation: Automate repetitive, manual tasks so your team can focus on what matters most. Scale faster with email, reminders, onboarding stages, and much more.

Pros and cons of Insightly

 ✔ Feature-packed base plan

✔ All-in-one platform

✔ AppConnect for connecting data sources and apps

✖ Very limited AI features

✖ Lacks the ability to give context on customer behavior

✖ No free email, phone, or chat support.


A sales CRM for small businesses with the essential features needed to sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently. With built-in automation and real-time data, companies can boost productivity and grow.


Lightning flow automation: Automate and manage any business process with a point-and-click Process Builder tool.

Lead management:Track, filter, and qualify new prospective customers. Route hot leads to the right reps and view the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.

Account and contact management:Get a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.

Pros and cons of Salesforce Essentials CRM

✔ Scalable platform

✔ Extensive knowledge base and training resources

✔ Customizable architecture

✖ Many features require integrations

✖ Limited features on Essentials

✖ 24/7 support and configuration services only on the highest plan.


Pipefy is a customizable CRM software to scale your sales operations. It can help you build and optimize your pipeline in minutes, increasing process control and predictability. It falls as the CRM software with automation to eliminate mundane manual tasks. It is one of the major highlights of PIPEFY as one of the best CRM software.


Templates: Pipefy provides templates for each sales activity like prospecting, lead qualification, etc. These templates consist of a series of steps that simplify your workflow.

Automation:Apply Pipefy’s CRM automation to eliminate manual tasks from your team’s routine in a few clicks. Use approval flows and email templates to focus on high-level conversion strategies.

Customizable dashboards: Build real-time reports and dashboards to monitor your top metrics. Track the progress of closed deals, lost opportunities, and team performance to make better decisions and increase revenue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pipefy

✔ Has a Powerful workflow automation

✔ Workflow templates are provided for a wide range of tasks and teams

✔ Has a free plan

✖ Limited features on the base plan

✖ Too many customization options could be overwhelming

✖ Not considered as a  specialized CRM

So the above listed CRM software are considered as the best CRM softwares which has been emerged in 2024. As we had discussed in the beginning these softwares are mostly useful and applicable for small scale business entreprises. Apart from all of the above ZONAR is considered as the first and foremost leading and best CRM software among all others.


✔ Seamless Lead Capture

✔ Lead Assignment and Prioritization

✔ Custom Fields for Tailored Insights

✔ Bulk Lead Assignment

✔ Effortless Lead Import and Integration

✔ Follow-Up Management

✔ Lead Source Insights

✔ Product Mapping

ZONAR by far outshines as the leading CRM software that effortlessly weaves together a plethora of inbuilt functionalities making it quite distinguishable in customer relationship management. Its unmatched efficiency and superior performance make it the ideal solution for businesses looking to achieve unprecedented success. ZONAR’s comprehensive functionalities, ranging from an intuitive interface to strong analytics and groundbreaking tools not only simplifies operations but allows organizations the ability to build long-standing meaningful relationships with customers. This omnibus approach provides not only a higher degree of customer satisfaction but also drives businesses towards unprecedented efficiency and purposeful development . ZONAR’s determination towards making the  finest CRM experience easy and complete is reflected in its capacity to easily develop as per the different needs of various businesses across industries. Finally, the software’s efficiency is further highlighted by its intuitive interface giving users an easy navigation through complicated operations that ultimately lead to a much more efficient and productive business environment.

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